Eric McFadden – Pull A Rabbit Out Of His Hat-Tribute Vol 2

Band: Eric McFadden
Title: Pull A Rabbit Out Of His Hat-Tribute Vol 2
Year: 2010

Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie)
Run Through The Jungle (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Tom Waits)
Ramble On (Led Zeppelin)
This Is Love (P.J Harvey)
Darling Nikki (Prince)
The Partisan (Leonard Cohen)
Got To Give It Up (Thin Lizzy)
Mother’s Little Helper (Rolling Stones)
Delia’s Gone (Johnny Cash)
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (The Clash)
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan)
Jesus Is Just Alright (The Doobie Brothers)
Blight (Vic Chessnut)

Featured Guests: James Whiton, Kevin Carnes, Ronkat Spearman, Paula O’Rourke, Storm Large, Doug Port, Pamela Parker, Paulo Baldi, Ed Ivey, Jenny Kerr, Sam Bass, Rob Reich, Wally Ingram, Members of Extra-action Marching band, Matt Rizzler, John Behrens