Eric McFadden – Inside Out

Band: Eric McFadden
Title: Inside Out
Year: 2011

  1. How Would It Feel
  2. Want Me Too
  3. Devil Moon
  4. Never Go Home
  5. Don’t Pray For Me
  6. Blood Suckin’ Baby
  7. Fair Trade
  8. Hanging Moon
  9. Are We Having Fun
  10. Just Getting Around
  11. What’s In My Head
  12. Baby’s On Her Own
  13. Filling A Hole
  14. One Bad Reason
  15. Train To Salvation

Inside Out is a compilation album that includes previously unreleased tracks, as well as past favorites hits. The songs chosen to represent Eric McFadden shine light on rocK and roll’s prince of darkness with and an Inside Out view into his magical world of muses and music.

Featuring: Dave Shools (Widespread Panic), Paulo Baldi (Cake), James Whiton (Tom Waits), Keb Mo (Jefferson Airplane), Kevin Carnes (Broun Fellinis), Abby Travis (The Bangles), Wally Ingrahm (Sheryl Crow), Meaghen Owens, and Pamela Parker. The album spans genres of rock, blues and country. Produced by phYne Entertainment. rocK oN